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7 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

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How's your comfort level affecting your mood? 

Think about your current comfort level. How is it affecting your mood? When we add comfort to our lives our mood improves, we feel happy and tend to stay cool. 

Sometimes, our physical environment is more important than we think. When our home’s surrounded by funky smells, loud noises, dust, cockroaches, or sticky warm air, we could get a bit grumpy without sometimes knowing why.  

So, it’s summertime. Although we were waiting for this time of the year since December, excess heat can make us feel pretty uncomfortable sometimes. And even if our body’s got the ability to auto-regulate its temperature, there’s days when it needs a little extra help to cool down.

That’s why today we’re sharing with you 8 ways to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer. These apply to everyone: to those who’d rather live in an igloo during this time of the year and to those who love laying under the sun for hours. 

1. Splash around

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Summer heat can make you feel sleepy. If you want to feel energized during the day, cold showers are a great option. According to Medical Daily, they release “a rush of blood through our entire body. This gives us a natural dose of energy for the day.” They’re also amazing for physical and emotional well-being in many other ways. Give them a try!

2. Avoid tight clothes

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Even if you love tight clothes, it’s better to avoid them if you want to feel fresh during the warm season. You’ll be better off by wearing loose clothes that allow air to circulate and help your skin breathe. If you still want to keep the tight clothes, that's ok; however, you may find yourself sweating a bit more than you really want (not that anyone actually enjoys sweating). 

3. Stay hydrated

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This one’s pretty important. By staying hydrated you’re helping your body’s temperature regulation system to work properly. When you’re dehydrated it gets really hard for your body to cool down. So drink plenty of fluids, but try to avoid drinking too much alcohol. Yes, we know that sometimes having a beer by the swimming pool may feel refreshing, but don’t exceed yourself as alcohol actually dehydrates you. 

4. Hide and don’t seek

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When we’re exposed directly to the sun’s rays, our body’s temperature increases. So it’s pretty simple. To stay cool, we just need to find some shade. How about if you're in a place where there's nowhere to hide from the sun?

Here's something interesting:

Did you know that the term “umbrella” comes from the latin word “umbra” that means “shade” or “shadow”? So then, why do most of us just use them to protect ourselves from rain and not much from the sun? In Asia it’s quite a different story. In China, for example, many people use umbrellas to avoid any kind of direct contact with the sun. We don’t know if you do this, but it’s not as common in the U.S. as it is in Asia. What about packing your umbrella just in case?

Okay, if you don’t like that idea, check out the rest of our tips. 

5. Eat refreshing foods

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If you didn’t know that there are foods that help us stay cool, while others increase our body’s temperature. Foods that have high water content can be very refreshing. You can try foods like: cucumber, watermelon, pineapple, orange, and strawberry. And, do you like mint? That’s super refreshing too. 

How about ice cream? Okay, you can have an ice cream every once in a while. And if you want a healthy ice cream option, you can make it yourself by blending frozen fruit (with no need to add sugar or dairy). That's it!

Feeling super hot? You may want to avoid spicy foods, soups, and eating too many peanuts.

6. Remove excess moisture

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High heat combined with high humidity increases apparent temperature. That’s why during hot summer days you could feel as if it’s warmer in Florida than in the Saharan desert, even when the actual temperature is higher in the Sahara. So to decrease your “feels like” temperature, getting rid of excess moisture in the air can be pretty helpful. How can you do that? You can do it with the help of a dehumidifier.  

Last, but not least important….

7. Get some cool air through the window

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Doesn’t cool air feel like heaven during summer? Cool down your place with a Window Air Conditioner and make your home feel nice and comfy. This is a super great option if you want to avoid your electric bill from going through the roof this summer. 

And it's something that all the members of your family are going to enjoy!

 Meet Del, from @irehabhomes

"All my animal babies are so happy to have a cool/non-humid house 🦆🐶 Thanks to @tosotdirect for or making our summer so much better❤️ If you're looking for a super sleek window AC this exactly what you need! They just launched their AC product line, and they are amazing!" 

Woman with her pets and the TOSOT Window Air Conditioner

TOSOT Window Air Conditioner Review

“Quiet yet powerful AC that is a nice fit for my master bedroom (about 300 sqft). Right in time for the summer as it cools extremely fast. The make and finish is of high quality and the design has a nice touch. Remote works fine and has all the necessary functions that I needed, including timer and swing. Washable filter is a plus and much more environmental.” Doctor Yoda, TOSOT 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner.


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