Life Well Lived

Summer has arrived, and it brought along its friends heat and humidity. Although we all love having a bit of sunshine, high temperatures and humidity can affect our mood, our productivity, or even our sleep.  

But don’t worry, the TOSOT Direct Family is here to help. We’ve got the perfect air solution that will give you comfort and help you live with ease: the TOSOT Portable AC. 

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We know that you’ve been looking for this. But, shh… Don’t tell anyone.

You’re going to be one of the first to meet the new member of our family. 

(Clue: She’s nearly silent.)

Guesses? She’s here.

We’re proud to present Tranquility,  our new window air conditioner series. 

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Among the different options that you have for cooling down your home, you've now decided that a window air conditioner is the option that best matches your needs. Now, which size of air conditioner do you need to achieve the temperature you desire?
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