Military Discount and Senior Discount

Military Discount and Senior Discount

Here are some of our latest coupon codes and promotions available to use. Save up to $200 on mini split air conditioners with select coupon codes.

Military Discount
Discount Code: MILITARY10
Discount Amount: 10% off
Usage Limit: Each military personnel can use the code once. Exclusive offer to active-duty and retired U.S. military personnel
Proof of service may be requested.

Senior Discount
Discount Code: SENIOR10
Discount Amount: 10% off
Usage Limit: Each senior customer can use the code once. Available to senior citizens aged 60 and above only.
Proof of age may be required.

Usage Guidelines:

  • The discount codes are intended for one-time use and cannot be transferred to others.
  • This offer excludes extended warranty plans, shipping protection, and accessories.
  • It cannot be combined with other offers.
  • When availing of the discount, our customer service team may request appropriate identification to verify eligibility.

For any inquiries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at – we are dedicated to serving you wholeheartedly.