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Tranquility 8,000 BTU Window AC
It is QUIET as advertised. We bought the unit because it was advertised as being quiet - and it is! It cools down the room well and while you can hear both the fan and compressor when running, it does not at all sound like the unit it replaced, which can best be described as a freight train blasting its horn while a flight of fighter jets go overhead on full afterburner. Our only problem with it was getting it delivered undamaged. The packaging doesn't protect against the inevitable drops a 71 lb. device will experience. However, the Sain Store has been going above and beyond in customer satisfaction, so definitely a good choice for those who want it cool and quiet. I've also been assured the packaging is being redesigned to make it easier for UPS, etc., to get it delivered.
Tranquility 8,000 BTU Window AC
Quieter than most. Good quality. So far so good. It came quickly and was well packaged. I bought it based on the reviews of it being quiet and so far it is. Maybe not as quiet as I hoped, but definitely quieter than the last unit. I would buy another one again if needed.
Tranquility 8,000 BTU Window AC
Quietest Window Unit I've ever Owned! There's not a quieter unit out there that I've found, very nice.
Tranquility 8,000 BTU Window AC
Quiet as split system (Almost). I’ve been desperately searching for an alternative to my noisy window AC units without having to spend big bucks on splits or central AC. This product may be the best solution yet. Haven’t had much time to use it this season as I didn’t get it delivered until a couple weeks ago, but so far, I’m impressed at the quiet operation. Hope this turns out to be my solution. Otherwise I’ll be spending the cash to install a split and finally get some quiet sleep back in my life.
Kevin B.
Shiny 8,000 BTU Portable AC
The AC I purchased works well, keeps my space nice and cool, and is actually quiet as advertised (for the first time I could actually do my work meetings without turning off the AC... since working from home involves interacting and communicating with clients and coworkers online). All pieces included, ie. exhaust hose, insect guard, etc. seem to be made of high quality materials, way better than my last AC. It's also not an eyesore like some other units out there. The customer service was phenomenal. All of my questions and emails were addressed promptly (sometimes within just a few hours), both before I purchased and was researching the best product to fit my needs as well as after ordering when I had questions about the product, setup, etc. The shipping was extremely fast, I received my AC just 3 days after ordering (in CA). I am amazed and extremely pleased to have found such a great product and service at such an affordable price, not to mention an extended warranty. Highly recommended!
Annabelle R.
Shiny 8,000 BTU Portable AC
Does the job, relatively slim, and visually appealing
Aolis 12,000 BTU Portable AC
Great purchase!!! Nice looking and produces a lot of cold air. The speeds, controls and remote are great! This unit comes complete with everything needed for installation, I installed it myself without help of my husband which is a plus!!! Very happy with both the cost and effectiveness. It's pretty much set-and-forget through use of the Auto modes and I'm very pleased with my purchase.
Juan R.
Aovia 8,000 BTU Portable AC
Good value for dehumidifier combo. So far I have mostly used the dehumidifier option. I like that it can do both. Makes sense because air conditioners remove humidity. It's a great option when you can't use a window unit. It comes with everything you need to install.
Jay B.
50 Pint Dehumidifier with Internal Pump (2012 DOE 70 Pint)
Easy to use and effective! I received my Tosot dehumidifier promptly. It was very easy to unpack and set up. I am using it in my garage and it quickly dropped the humidity by 30% . I have not turned the pump function on yet but the collecting bin is easy to empty. Love this little beauty!
Lynn F.
35 Pint Dehumidifier (2012 DOE 50 Pint)
Great Product! This is humidifier is no louder than a box fan on high and is very efficient.
Gerald B.
Chalet 12,000 BTU Window AC
Great Unit....Very Attractive, Simplistic Design and Unit seems to work very well. I installed this in the basement. I had to remove an existing window and its' frame and chisel away at some QuikSet that the window installer put in, but I got through it with a big chisel and a baby sledge. The unit fits perfectly and I made HDPE strips that the unit rests on. I'm going to make a wooden grill from some nice Ipe lumber I have for the outside and I'll be boxing in the sides of the unit after I repair the concrete to my liking. What a difference. My basement is nice and cool and dry too!
Douglas P. Allen
KJ350G True HEPA Air Purifier
Great response and service. Great air purifier. Had a small issue with the automatic sensor and Mason from customer service immediately responded with ideas and solutions. Was sent a new unit. Best customer service ever!