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9,000 BTU PTAC Air Conditioner

9,000 BTU PTAC Air Conditioner

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General Description

The TOSOT PTAC Packaged System features high efficiency with an above-average level of EER and COP ratings. This model provides easy control methods either via the control panel or through third-party 24V wall thermostats for optimal temperature settings. Instead of installing an entire HVAC system, the ease of installation and absence of ductwork make it a cost-effective choice for heating and cooling options in hotels, hospitals, senior residential facilities, apartments, and residential add-ons such as sunrooms.

Key Features

Four Seasons Climate Control: The 15,000 BTU TOSOT PTAC system provides sufficient cooling and heating power for a floor area of up to 850 sq. ft. Embedded with the dry function, you can set the unit to operate as a 50-pint dehumidifier on humid days.

Cost Saving: With an EER and COP rating of up to 13.0, our system is designed to maximize energy savings without compromising on performance. Plus, it's environmentally friendly thanks to the use of R32 refrigerant.

Lower Noise: Unlike other noisy compressors, the TOSOT PTAC operates at a whisper-quiet 51-53dB in high fan speed. No need to raise your voice to be heard over the AC; enjoy a peaceful night's sleep for you or your clients.

Harsh Conditions, No Problem: With the ability to operate in ambient temperatures up to 115°F for cooling and as low as -19°F for heating, the TOSOT PTAC handles extreme cold and hot weather with ease.

Various Control Methods: Take control of your comfort with ease. Use the intuitive digital display, or connect to third-party wall thermostats for added convenience.

Easy Installation: The machine is designed for a 208/230V power circuit and comes with a 20A power plug equipped with a reset breaker. A sleeve and a rear grille are included in the package. It fits a standard PTAC Sleeve Size with product dimensions of 42’’ x 16’’ x 21’’ 1/2 (WxHxD).

Built to Last: Coated outdoor coils protect against corrosion, while freeze protection ensures safe operation even in extreme temperatures.

5-year Standard warranty and 6-month extended warranty for the whole unit


How a PTAC differs from a window unit

In terms of efficiency and components tailored for commercial use, a PTAC stands apart from a window unit. While a window unit hangs externally and features side vents to cool its outside coil, a PTAC has solid sides and is mounted flush to the wall, with only the grill visible from the exterior. Notably, most window units lack heating functionality.

How do I save money when using PTAC?

PTAC units offer cost-saving advantages by selectively regulating the climate in specific rooms, thus avoiding the need to constantly operate a large-scale heating and cooling system found in commercial settings like hotels or hospitals. 

These benefits extend beyond commercial spaces, as homeowners frequently install PTAC units in challenging-to-cool areas such as lofts or attics. Moreover, home additions like sunrooms benefit from the targeted cooling provided by PTAC units. Additionally, PTAC units are popular choices for heating and cooling tiny homes, eliminating the necessity for additional ductwork connected to the existing HVAC system.