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3 Ton Unitary Ducted Central Heat Pump System

3 Ton Unitary Ducted Central Heat Pump System

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Key Features:

  • Up to 17 SEER2 and 10 HSPF
  • Heat at -22°F (-30°C) and cool at 118.4°F(54°C)
  • Compatible with third-party air handler and 24V thermostat
  • Eligible for a rebate of up to $3,500
  • 3-Layer structural design resists sourness, salt, or water corrosion
  • Slim profile and side-charge design
  • 10-Year warranty

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The TOSOT Apex Unitary Ducted Central Heat Pump offers an ideal solution for comprehensive climate control throughout your home. This integrated heat pump system not only meets cooling and heating requirements cost-effectively but also provides a seamless upgrade for your Traditional Ducted Air Conditioning Unit without necessitating the replacement of existing ductwork. By enhancing indoor comfort year-round, this system promotes energy savings and reduces environmental impact. Moreover, replacing your old furnace with this unit makes you eligible for a rebate of up to $3,500

Energy Efficiency: With over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, the TOSOT Apex Unitary Ducted System utilizes a DC inverter compressor and motor. Combined with two-stage compression technology, it enables the unit's heating operation range to reach down to -22°F (-30°C)and cooling range up to 118.4°F(54°C). The system achieves the highest energy efficiency standard with a SEER rating of up to 17 SEER2 and 10 HSPF, well above the industry average level.

UltraCoolTM & UltraHeatTM Technologies: The system adopts a two-stage inverter compressor, which can be adjusted by supplementary air injection enthalpy to improve the system's mass flow rate and subcooling, resulting in less performance decline under extreme weather conditions. The unit can supply 100% heating capacity at -5℉(-20℃) for the 2-ton unit and reliable operation at -22℉(-30℃) for the entire series, effectively enhancing heating comfort.

Quiet but Strong: The high-efficiency brushless DC inverter motor produces less noise and is 30% more efficient than conventional asynchronous motors. Condenser noise levels are kept below 58dB, minimizing disruptions in the surrounding environment.

Flexible Installation: With its slim profile design, the outdoor unit can fit in various installation areas such as balconies and roofs. The side-charge design occupies half the area compared to conventional top-discharge designs. You can choose between flaring or brazing connection options.

Multiple Protections: The Gold Fins condenser is tested to withstand 1,500 hours of neutral salt spray. Featuring a 3-layer structural design, the system effectively resists sourness, salt, or water corrosion, ensuring a longer service life even in harsh conditions.

Wide Compatibility: The system integrates seamlessly with any third-party air handler and 24V thermostat

Warranty Coverage: 10-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the compressor