How do I set up the internal pump?

    Watch our video guide!

    1. Power the pump feature on using the display screen on top of your unit.

    2. Locate the hose connection on the lower-right rear of the unit.

    3. To connect the included drain hose, simply push in on the gray area with the tip of your finger while pulling the green plug out of the hole. (Note: Do not yank or use extreme force to remove the plug as this may damage the unit. The plug should slide out easily while depressing the gray collar.)

    4. After removing the green plug, insert the hose into the hole while holding down the gray area with your finger.

    Watch our video guide!

    1. Power the pump feature on using the display screen on top of your unit.

    2. Locate the hose connection on the lower-right rear of the unit.

    3. To connect the included drain hose, simply push in on the gray area with the tip of your finger while pulling the green plug out of the hole. (Note: Do not yank or use extreme force to remove the plug as this may damage the unit. The plug should slide out easily while depressing the gray collar.)

    4. After removing the green plug, insert the hose into the hole while holding down the gray area with your finger.

    My pump isn't working. The bucket just fills up with water. Help!!!

    Don't worry! In order to save power, the internal pump does not run constantly. The pump will begin to run once the drain bucket approaches maximum capacity. No additional action is required from you, the pump will turn on by itself.

    Does the unit turn off when the bucket is full?

    Yes, the automatic float switch inside the bucket turns the unit off when the drain bucket fills up.

    Does this unit have a removable tank or bucket?

    The unit has a removable drain bucket located on the bottom portion of the front of the unit. When the water level reaches a high point, the float sensor will auto-stop the dehumidifier and prevent the bucket from overfilling. The water can be removed by sliding the bucket towards you and using the handle to carry and empty the bucket.

    How heavy is the bucket of water when full?

    A completely full drain bucket on the 20 Pint model weighs approximately 8lbs, 12lbs for the 35 Pint model, and 15lbs for the 50 Pint models.

    Do you need to turn off the unit to remove the bucket?

    After removing the bucket a sensor will turn the unit off until the bucket is mounted back into place. However, we recommend shutting the unit off to prevent any leakage after removing the bucket.

    Can this unit be used for continuous drainage?

    Absolutely! You simply need to attach any standard ¾” hose to the drain outlet on the left side of the unit (when looking at it from the front.) Run the ¾” hose into your floor drain or sink and the machine will run constantly.

    Will water go back up the drain hose if the hose end is higher than the drain?

    If the drain hose is higher than the drain outlet, the dehumidifier will instead use the drain bucket. The drain hose is gravity-fed, so it must be lower than the drain outlet on the unit.

    How do you set up the drain hose?

    Once you attach a hose on the left side of the unit, the water should drain smoothly as long as it's installed properly. The hose has to be at a downward angle, otherwise water will collect in the bucket instead.

    Can we use a garden hose as a gravity drain hose?

    Yes, that is the recommended type of hose for gravity drainage. Just make sure it has a ¾” female connection.

    What hose size is needed?

    -A standard US garden hose at 3/4 inches for gravity drainage.

    -The included tube hose with 0.6cm(0.24 inches) external diameter and 0.4cm(0.16 inches) inner diameter for the built-in pump.

    The pump is not working. Water goes into the drain bucket. Why?

    If you have connected a hose to the internal drain pump outlet and have activated the pump mode on the control panel, water will collect in the drain bucket until the bucket is nearly full. Then the pump will automatically remove the collected water for you.

    Can I drink the water from the bucket?

    We do not recommend you (or pets) drink any water from the dehumidifier. You could use the water in the bucket to water your non-edible plants and flowers, however.

    Can this unit pump water vertically?

    Yes, our 50-pint with internal pump will automatically pump the water up to 15 feet away whether the hose is horizontal, vertical, or, spiral.


    Will a dehumidifier help the air conditioner cool the air?

    Yes, the portable dehumidifier helps the A/C in your home. Dehumidifiers can reduce the humidity out of the air allowing your A/C to work less often and more efficiently, saving on your energy bill and making your environment more comfortable.

    Can this unit replace my house central air system?

    A dehumidifier is a great air treatment solution for removing excess moisture around your home and protecting it from damaging mold and mildew. It is enough for some places like a basement, but maybe not the entire house with many floors or levels. Dehumidifiers work by producing heat, so it cannot be used to cool your hoom like an air conditioner would.

    Does this dehumidifier need filters?

    No, TOSOT dehumidifiers use a reusable filter that should be cleaned every 30 days of operation. Trouble locating the filter? Please check this link for guidance.


    Does this dehumidifier put off heat?

    Yes, this unit does exhaust hot air. There is no dehumidifier on the market that will not emit heat because that is how they are able to remove humidity.

    In short, warm air is pulled into the dehumidifier and then passes through refrigerated cooling coils. The moisture from the air forms on these coils and drops into the drain bucket (or through the drain hose if you selected that option). Your dehumidifier emits heat because it has to power the fan and cooling elements at the same time, which draws considerable energy compared to a standard fan.

    Does it come with a hose?

    An internal pump hose is included with models that have an internal pump. A ¾” hose for the gravity drain is not included and must be purchased separately.

    What is the decibel levels of each unit and settings?

    The 70-Pint dehumidifier operates at 52/50/48 decibels on the high/medium/low settings. For reference, a decibel rating of 45 or under will be virtually silent. Decibel levels between 45 and 50 sound similar to light rainfall. Ratings of 50 or above will be equivalent to the level of a quiet conversation.

    The unit turns off every few hours, why?

    The dehumidifier only runs when the humidity levels are outside of the set humidity target. Other possible reasons your unit is not running is the water level is high and bucket needs to be emptied, or the compressor coils are freezing and the auto-defrost function is in effect.

    What is the minimum temperature the unit can operate in?

    41 Degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures lower than this may cause the compressor coils to freeze over.

    Does this machine automatically reset if power goes out?

    Yes, in the event of a power outage, the unit will power back on when power is back online.

    Can I trust this to continuously working for one week without supervision?

    Yes, if: 1) Humidity is in the air. 2) If the unit is connected to a power source. 3) If a gravity drain hose is connected downward towards a drain.

    Does this unit have a timer?

    Yes, the unit has a timer. You can check the user manual for details on how to set up the timer

    What is the difference between the 30, 50, and 70 pint units?

    The different measurements are for the maximum amount of water the unit could remove from the air in a 24 hour period in normal conditions.The unit may remove slightly more or less than the posted amount (20, 35, 50 pints) depending on the actual RH and temperature.

    Can I turn off the indicator light?

    No, you can not turn off the light when the unit is running. Once the unit is power off, the light will turn off.

    How does the timer work? Can I set the delay-off and delay-on at the same time ?

    The timer function only allows one program selection which means you can only set a delay-on or delay-off at one time.

    Press the timer pad when the machine is on, you can set it to turn off automatically in 2 or 4 hours. Press the timer pad when the machine is off but plugged in, it will turn on in 2 or 4 hours

    Can I use vinegar in the water bucket to have the bucket and drain hose cleaned?

    Yes, you can put some vinegar in the water bucket.The proportion of water to vinegar is up to you as the plastic material won't be affected by the vinegar.

    Can I use the dehumidifier on the carpet or a rug?

    The main concern is that there is a fire hazard when placed on a carpet. If the heat dissipation is not good, the dehumidifier will become hot after running for a long time. You should place a solid, flat material (wood, metal, plastic, etc) under the unit to help ensure heat dissipation.

    Tech Specs

    Why is my new DOE 35 Pint dehumidifier smaller size than my previous 50 Pint?

    The new DOE 35 pint was redesigned with improved organization of the compressor, fan, and air channel, which allows for a more compact size. Only the internal organization is redesigned, the internal components of our dehumidifiers have not changed that much. The new 35 Pint and the previous 50 Pint perform the same.

    Are TOSOT Dehumidifiers Energy Star rated?

    TOSOT dehumidifiers are UL and Energy Star Rated. You can find more information about Energy Star certifications here.

    How long is the defrost cycle?

    The unit has an automatic defrost switch which is engaged whenever needed based on temperature. Cycle times are not exact and depend on each situation.

    Is the unit durable?

    The units can endure non-stop use. Quality compressors are the dehumidifier’s biggest concern. Larger units have larger compressors and do not work as hard as their smaller-compressor counterparts, so a larger capacity unit may last longer than a smaller-capacity unit.

    What is the length of the cord?

    The cord is 5 feet in length from base to plug-in.

    What size should I order?

    Variable factors determine ideal dehumidifier size: 1) RH% (relative humidity percentage) how humid or moist is your room typically. 2) Size of area: 1500 sq ft, 3000 sq ft, or 4,500+ sq ft. If in doubt, go with the larger option. You can check out our guide for selecting a dehumidifier here .

    Does the 50 Pint draw more moisture out than a 35 Pint?

    Yes, the 50 Pint model has a larger size compressor than the 35 Pint, so it is able to remove more moisture per day (15 pints more to be exact!).

    How much does each unit weigh?

    The 20 pint units weighs 33lbs, the 35 pint units weighs 40lbs, and the 50 pint units (pump and non-pump) weigh 47lbs.

    How long is the drain hose for pump model?

    It is about 16ft/5m long.

    There is a styrofoam piece in the drain bucket . What is that?

    That is the floater. It activates a switch when the reservoir is full so that the unit can either pump out the water or automatically turn off. Do NOT remove this styrofoam from the floater or your drain bucket may overflow with water.

    Why does the manual say not to run this unit in laundry rooms, per IEC 605269?

    TOSOT dehumidifiers are not waterproof. To extend the life span of the unit, we suggest that customer should avoid using the machine in an environment which is easily immersed in water.

    Does it work for the house of multiple floors?

    Yes, it works. Please pick the right model per treated area. You can also move the unit to different floors for better dehumidification.

    Does the dehumidifier purify the air of odor or cigarette smoke?

    TOSOT dehumidifier can effectively lower humidity and stop mold from forming. It can not purify the air or remove smoke. If that is what you need, check out our air purifier.

    Does the bucket have a handle?

    Yes, there is a handle on the bucket, so you can empty the bucket easily.

    Can this unit be used in a crawl space?

    Yes, the unit is recommended for basement and crawl spaces. Please check the unit dimensions first and see if it fits in your crawl spaces.

    What kinds of plug does it use? will it work with a 2-prong outlet?

    The dehumidifier comes with the 3-prong grounded plug. If you don't have a 3-prong outlet, you an use a plug adaptor.

    Is there a range of relative humidity that this works?

    The machine can not work above 80% RH or below 35% RH.

    Window Air Conditioner

    What is the 3-Minute compressor protection?

    All TOSOT Air Conditioners have a 3-Minute Compressor Protection feature to help extend the lifespan of your unit. You may notice this happening when the unit is not blowing cold air or you can’t hear the sound of the compressor. Below are some situations where the 3-Minute Protection Mode will be activated:
    A. Your unit just experienced a power outage. The compressor will restart again after 3 minutes.
    B. After you switch from the fan or dry mode to the cooling mode, there is a 3 minute delay before the compressor starts up.
    C. If the unit is powered on, then powered off, then powered on again within a 3 minute period, there will be a 3 minute delay before the compressor starts again.
    D. If the ambient room temperature is lower than the set temperature on your control panel, the compressor will power off for 3 minutes and restart once the ambient room temperature rises above the set temperature again.

    I hear quite a bit of water circulating around in the unit, is that normal?

    There is a design inside that splashes collectedwater onto the fan to encourage the cooling of the evaporator and the condenser. With this design, the unit has better heat dissipation and refrigeration performance than a traditional design. This noise can be eliminated by completely draining the condensated water out of the machine. If this sound does bother you, please open the drainage outlet and connect the drain hose. Make sure to install the unit with a downward inclined angle of 5-8° to accelerate drainage.

    How do I know if this window ac fits in my window?

    Please check the unit dimension of the Chalet and Tranquility series. The recommended window size are as below:

    Chalet Unit dimensions: WxDxH inches

    8,000 BTU: 21x17.25x12.75 inches

    10,000 BTU: 21.38x22.75x15.75 inches

    12,000 BTU: 21.38x22.75x15.75 inches

    Recommended window size:

    8,000 BTU: Width (Min/Max): 25-41 inches; Height (Min): 14 inches

    10,000 & 12,000  BTU: Width (Min/Max): 25-41 inches; Height(Min): 17 inches

    Tranquility Unit dimensions: WxDxH inches

    21.4 x 18.8 x14 inches

    Recommended window size

    Width (Min/Max): 26-41 inches; Height (Min): 19 inches

    Does this unit have a heating function? I see that the temperature range is between 61 and 86, but have seen others say it doesn’t provide heat. 86 degrees seems hot to me.

    Our currrent window air conditioners do not have a heating fucntion, but some of our mini-split AC units do. TOSOT Window Air Conditioners are a 3-in-1 device: Cooling, Fan, and Dehumidifying. If you are using the higher end of the cooling (i.e. 86 degrees) it will only power on if the temperature is very high.

    Where can I find the filter?

    Open the cover on the front to find the washable air filter. Check the user manual for more details.

    What's the lowest temperature you can set the thermostat to?

    The lowest temperature you can set is 61°F (16°C). The temperature range is from 61 °F to 86 °F (16 °C - 30 °C).

    How long is the power cord in feet?

    It's 6 feet long.

    What is the little symbol that looks like a person head and shoulder showing on my unit?

    It might be the "filter cleaning" indicator. After 250 hours of continuous operation, the filter cleaning icon will illuminate to remind you that it is time to clean the filter.

    If you are using the Chalet series window AC, after cleaning, press and hold the "-" button on the unit for 5 seconds to reset the indicator light and 250-hour timer.

    For the users of Tranquility window AC, please press and hold the "Time" button and "-" button simultaneously for 3s to turn off cleaning icon.

    Do the window ACs come out of the case or are they fixed solid?

    All TOSOT window ACs are sold as the single box units.

    Where can I find the serial number of my window AC?

    The label is located on the right side of the air conditioner. You can find the serial number there.

    In case, there is a power outage, will the window AC restart?

    No, you will have to restart the unit manually.

    How does the Energy-saving mode run? The unit seems never shut off in the ES mode?

    When entering the Energy-saving mode in the cooling mode, the compressor will stop, while the fan will keep running for 3 minutes and then stop for 10 minutes.

    Later, the fan will run again for another one minute and then stop for 10 minutes.

    Then, the fan will run again for another minute and then stop.

    Meanwhile, if the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, the compressor and the fan will be turned on together and start cooling again.

    The unit is not cooling if only the fan runs, but the sound may make you feel like the unit never shuts off. Actually, the fan setting can help control the cooling effect (air exchange) and will not cause a lot of consumption.

    Can the window air conditioner be mounted vertically or sideway instead of horizontally?

    No, the unit has to installed horizontally, which can prevet any collected water from flowling back to the compressor.

    Do I really need to run this for 24 hours after installing it, as the manual says?

    The user manual suggests you run the unit for 24 hours to ensure that the machine is functioning well during long-time operation. You can adjust the testing time to 8 hours or even less.

    How does the sleep mode work?

    When entering sleep mode in cooling mode, the temperature will rise by 2°F after a one-hour operation, and keep increasing by 2°F each hour. Then, the unit will stay when reaching the upper-temperature limit, 86°F. For example, if the original set temperature is 85°F, after an hour, it can only reach 86 but not 87, and then stay at this temperature.

    Is that normal that the air conditioners would cycle on and off?

    Our AC is a fixed frequency air conditioner, when the unit detect that the room is cool enough(by temperature sensor), the compressor will power off, i.e. the unit will not stay on, to save energy and control the temperature not go down. When the temperature starts to rise a few degrees above your target setting, the compressor will power back on.

    There is a drainage outlet at the back of the window air conditioner. I want to know which size of drainage pipe to use?

    The drainage outlet size for the 8k window air conditioner is Ф12mm, while for the 10k and 12k window air conditioners, it is Ф14mm. You can choose the drainage pipe according to the size of the hole.

    Portable Air Conditioner

    How to set up the unit?

    Please watch our installation guide in the below link,

    Shiny and Aovia Model

    Aolis Model

    If you have questions regarding the installation, feel free to contact us at support@tosotdirect.com.

    What is 3-Minute Compressor Protection?

    All TOSOT Air Conditioners have a 3-Minute Compressor Protection feature to help extend the lifespan of your unit. You may notice this happening when the unit is not blowing cold air or you can’t hear the sound of the compressor. Below are some situations where the 3-Minute Protection Mode will be activated:
    A. Your unit just experienced a power outage. The compressor will restart again after 3 minutes.
    B. After you switch from the fan or dry mode to the cooling mode, there is a 3 minute delay before the compressor starts up.
    C. If the unit is powered on, then powered off, then powered on again within a 3 minute period, there will be a 3 minute delay before the compressor starts again.
    D. If the ambient room temperature is lower than the set temperature on your control panel, the compressor will power off for 3 minutes and restart once the ambient room temperature rises above the set temperature again.

    How many liters can the machine hold before it needs to be emptied?

    The internal pan can hold about 0.5L of  water. The water will evaporate automatically inside the machine in a less humid area and does not need to drain. In humid areas you may need to install the included drain hose to get rid of the excess water

    What diameter exhaust hose does it come with? How long can it be extended?

    TOSOT portable air conditioner includes exhaust hose with diameter 5.7 inches and could be extended to 4.9 ft.

    What size of the drain hose?

    TOSOT portable air conditioner includes drain hose with diameter 0.6 inch and 5ft length.

    What's the dimensions for the window panel kit?

    The window panel kit of TOSOT portable air conditioner could be adjusted from 9.1 to 61 inches and you could cut the length of the window panel to make the width is the same width as your window.

    Do I need to drain the water?

    If it is in a humid area, you might need to remove the collected water from the portable air conditioner. There are two drainage methods, manual drainage or continuous drainage. The drainage hose needs to be installed first.

    Method A: Manual Drainage

    When the chassis is full of water, the buzzer will beep eight times, and the display panel will show an H8 malfunction code to remind you to drain the water. You will need to move the unit to a suitable place for discharging water. The machine won't run unless you empty the collected water.

    Method B: Continuous Drainage

    You can drain water into a floor drain by attaching a ½ inch diameter hose(included). When using the continuous drainage option, make sure that the air conditioner is on a flat, level surface, and that the drain hose is directed downwards and clear of any obstructions. Here, the machine will continue to run, and you need not drain the water manually.

    Do I have to vent the hot air out?

    Yes, the hot air has to be vented outside through the exhaust hose. You can move the portable air conditioner from room to room, as long as the exhaust hose can be discharged outside.

    Is there a maximum window size requirement to use the portable AC?

    The maximum height or width of the window size should be 56.7 inches.

    What is the lowest and highest temperature allowed?

    The temperature range of this unit is from 61℉ to 86 ℉.

    What is the noise level of this unit?

    The sound level of the TOSOT portable air conditioner is about 49-53 decibels, which means you're supposed to hear the normal sound of the compressor running when the unit is working, and it would not bother your daily life a lot.

    What kind of outlet does it use?

    Please always plug into a fixed 115V AC ground outlet.

    Can this portable AC vent through my window screen? Do I need to remove my window screen?

    No, the exhaust hose of TOSOT portable AC does not extend out from the window. You can leave the screen in the window.

    What kinds of window does the unit work with?

    The window kit is designed for sliding and hung windows. . Other types like casement windows or awning windows will not work.

    Can I get a hose extension?

    We don't have an extension hose for the portable air conditioner. It is not recommended to use a longer hose to vent the hot air as it will make more heat emitting to the area which will affect the cooling performance.

    Split Air Conditioner

    Error code list
    Error Code Malfunction Name Solutions
    F0 Refrigerant leakage protection Refill the refrigerant.
    F1, F2, F4 Temperature sensor malfunction Remove the unit from power for a few minutes. Plug the unit back in to determine if the malfunction code is still present.
    H3, E8 Overload protection
    E2 Anti freezing protection
    E5 Overcurrent protection
    1. Check and make sure the supply voltage is stable and consistent with the rated range.
    2. Check if the inlet/outlet is blocked and remove the blockage if any.
    E6 Communication malfunction Reconnect the line according to wiring diagram.
    H6 Internal fan motor does not operate After powering off, turn the fan blades by hand to ensure the blades are running smoothly.
    Is the mini-split AC pre charged with freon?

    Yes, it is pre-charged for up to 16 feet with R410A Refrigerant.

    Is the mini split wifi compatible? How about google/Alexa compatible?

    Yes, it does come with the WiFi function.

    You will need to download the GREE+ app to your phone. App Store (Apple) Google Play Store (Android).

    Do you make a Multiple-zone mini-split?

    We don't provide Multiple-zone mini-split system at a time.

    Should the filter on the mini split be replaced when dirty? If it needs replacing where can I buy the filters? Or does it only need washing and putting back in?

    The filter is a reusable filter. Instructions for cleaning the filter can be found in the user manual. If you prrefer to purchase a brand new filter,  please email us via support@tosotdirect.com for further assistance.

    Do you have another size line set? Can the copper line sets be cut or shortened?

    The line set we provide is 16ft long (which may vary based on different models, please check the tech specifications for details). TOSOT offers a 25 ft long line set, which you can order from https://tosotdirect.com/collections/accessories/products/mini-split-ac-cooper-line-set-7-5m. If you need to shorten the line set, it should only be done by a professional. We recommend contacting your local HVAC technician for assistance.

    You can shorten the line set but only with professional handling. Call your local HVAC tech for assistance.

    What is the recommended operating range?

    The recommended operating temperature range is -13°F -115°F. Performance may be impacted if you are operating the unit outside of this range.

    Which voltage model shall I choose? 115V or 230V?

    That will depend on the slot you have open. The 230V systems require a double pole breaker, therefore, it will require two slots in your panel. The 120 V system will require a single slot. Please note that the unit has to be wired to the breaker or circuit. Wiring directly to a wall outlet might cause an extreme fire hazard. Consult a local electrician for more assistance on what type of unit you can install.

    Do you offer professional installation service?

    We don't have referrals for HVAC technicians. Any local HVAC technician should be willing and able to help you with installation or issues.

    Why is there condensation at the indoor unit's air outlet of a split air conditioner?

    The condensation at the air outlet of the indoor unit in a split air conditioner occurs due to the following reasons:

    1. Humidity during the cooling process: When the air conditioner is set to a low temperature or the indoor humidity is high, the indoor unit removes heat from the air and cools it. During this process, the water vapor in the air condenses into liquid form, resulting in condensation. This happens because the cooled air cannot hold all the moisture present in it.
    2. Air conditioner design: The design of the indoor unit may contribute to the condensation of water vapor at the air outlet. The metal surface surrounding the outlet is typically colder than other areas, making it easier for water vapor to condense into water droplets there.

    To minimize condensation at the air outlet of the indoor unit, consider the following measures:

    1. Control indoor humidity: Maintain indoor humidity within a reasonable range by using a dehumidifier or ensuring proper ventilation.
    2. Adjust the air conditioner temperature appropriately: Avoid setting the temperature too low to reduce the condensation of water vapor during air cooling.
    3. Regular maintenance of the air conditioner: Clean the air conditioner filters and the indoor and outdoor units to ensure proper functioning, and make sure there is no excessive dust or dirt buildup around the air outlet.

    Are the coils coated with an anti-corrosion coat?

    No, there is no anti-corrosion coat. However, the coils of the evaporator and condenser are made of copper, specifically phosphorus deoxidized copper, which enhances their corrosion resistance.

    RV Air Conditioner

    Are the 7.5-inch screws included?

    No, only the 5.3-inch screws are included.

    Is this an inverter air conditioner?

    No, the TOSOT RV AC is not an inverter air conditioner. It operates on a fixed frequency and will shut off when the unit reaches the set temperature.


    Can I use white vinegar to clean my humidifiers and how much should I use?

    Yes, you can use distilled white vinegar to remove any hard-mineral buildup. Increase or decrease the amount of vinegar depending on the amount of hard-mineral deposits. Adding 2 tsp. of white vinegar into the water tank and fill the water tank 1/4 full of clean water for routine cleaning.

    Do I have to use purified water?

    It is not required to use purified water, but buildup of hard-mineral deposits in the water tank could be reduced by using only distilled, mineral-free water and frequent cleaning.

    Why is the water leaking from the tank to the water channel?

    The "leaking" is from the filtering process. There is a filter on the water cover subassembly, and the water in the tank is filtered to the water channel, which makes sure the water is more clear for use.

    Is there a way to secure the top so that it won’t spill so easily?

    There is no way to secure or lock the top part into place. Please locate the humidifier in a safe place where it will not be easily knocked over.

    Tech Specs

    What is a carbon filter? How often should I clean?

    The Carbon filter is a black, sponge-like material which is for the air intake. This filter may attract large quantities of dust or other debris from the surrounding air after continued use, depending on your local environment. We recommend doing a basic cleaning every week.

    Can I run the machine without the carbon filter inside the box?

    Sure, you can leave it empty.

    Does this humidifier have a night light option?

    Under working status, long press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn the tank light on or off.

    What size room is most optimal for use?

    TOSOT 4L Top Fill Humidifier can cover 250-450 sq. ft.

    Why is there cancer and reproductive harm warning on the box?

    The Proposition 65 law requires that companies provide a warning label on their products and consumers must be advised of any chemicals present, even if the risk is very low. This law applies to any company selling products in the state of California. TOSOT Products are sold internationally and it would be difficult to only place warnings on products entering the state of California. We have placed this warning on all of our products to ensure compliance with Proposition 65 law regardless of destination. The presence of this warning does not indicate that the product is violating any safety standards or regulations. This product is safe to use.

    Is this unit BPA free?

    The body contact parts are BPA free. The material we used for TOSOT humidifier is ABS plastic which makes our product more lightweight and portable and waterproof, and it is non-toxic and odorless.

    What is the mist height of this unit?

    The mist of TOSOT humidifier could cover about 1.5 ft - 2ft distance.

    How far does the unit need to stand away from a wall?

    The recommended space would be 15 inches (38 cm) away from the wall.

    What you need to know about the UV light?

    The UV light refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 380-420 nanometers (nm). It can be used for killing airborne viruses such as influenza, staph, rhinovirus, and works with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) treated HEPA filter to reduce volatile organic compounds.

    This unit complies with the State of California's testing, electrical safety, and ozone requirements. It also complies with the maximum allowable concentration of ozone of 0.050 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in 24 hours (CARB indoor air cleaning devices safety). When you turn on the UV light, there is a small amount of ozone generated, but it is safe to use indoors.

    The UV light is unreplaceable, and no routine maintenance is required. It is tested to last for 50,000 hours, longer than five years, even if you use it frequently.

    You might not see the blue light from the machine. That is because the UV light is at the bottom inside part of the KJ350G air purifier to avoid people being exposed directly to the UV. When pollutants get stuck on the filter, the UV is not only disinfecting the air but also keeping mold, bacteria, and viruses from growing in the filter.

    Can I clean the pre-filter?

    Yes, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the large particles from the surface.

    How often do I need to replace the filter?

    You will need to replace the HEPA filter every 6-8 months, depending on the air quality of the treated area.

    What exactly triggers the air quality sensor, whether it is yellow or green or red?

    The sensor can detect the density of PM2.5 particles in the air and reflects the air quality based on the algorithm. The green, yellow and red color show a different level of PM2.5 particles in the air, respectively 0.0-12.0μg/m3, 12.1-35μg/m3, 35+μg/m3.

    What is the dB rating on this model?

    While in sleep mode the air purifier runs at a reduced noise level of 32dB. The peak noise level is 53dB.

    What's the air volume on each speed?

    Please see the below tech specifications,

    Sleep mode 65CFM

    Low speed 100CFM

    High speed 150CFM

    Tubro speed 200CFM