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8 Ways to Cool Down your Home

by: Simon Cartagena

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When we add comfort to our lives our mood improves and we feel happier. That's why keeping our homes cool during summer is something that can support our emotional wellbeing.

Today let us show you 8 things you can do to cool down your home:

1. Add Shade to Your Windows

Window Shades
As you know the sun rises in the East and settles in the West. Which means the biggest windows in your house are probably facing North or South, that is assuming your house was designed by an architect who wasn't looking to ruin your furniture. Regardless of your architect, you might want to cover the windows facing East and West. Especially in the morning and afternoons when the sunlight is hitting them directly.

 2. Tile Floors

Tile floors
Living in a tropical region and making it without constant use of air conditioners is a real challenge, particularly for people who look forward to coming home to a cool house without the need of leaving their cooling system on. But it's possible, two words that will change your life; tile floors. If you're a renter, then you know what to look for when renting a new house in, particularly warm weather. If you're a homeowner and don't have these already then remodeling is probably expensive, but there's no reason to panic, tile floors are really recommended just for warm weather regions, if you are living at a location with seasons then it might be better to steer clear of tile floors.

 3. Keep Doors Open

Open Doors
Remember when you used to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend home and there was no option but to abide mom's “doors open” rule? Well, welcome back. Leaving doors open throughout the house promotes improved airflow, allowing heat to dissipate. Even if you do own an air conditioning system, better airflow will always count as an upside. Especially if you're trying to use the same system for more than one room.

4. Use Fans

Fans? Yes. Even though they work, it's not recommended to use ceiling fans unless your house already comes with them or you like them for decor purposes. To get an effective one could mean you have to spend a decent amount of coin. That said, you might be better off with their more inexpensive but outdated cousin the standing fan or their more effective contemporary cousin, the window air conditioner.

5. Use Trees to Shade your House

If you live in a house, shade trees need to be on your list. This way you will help take care of the environment while the environment takes care of you. Try to do a bit of research before choosing the type of trees to plant, you want shade but not a window on your roof when a storm brings down your trees. It´s also safe to say this is a solution for the future, think of it as an investment rather than an instant problem solver.

6. Fresh Linens 

Woman in sheets
Cotton Sheets. Not sure this tip needs much more explanation than what the first two words already offer. Cotton has been proven to be a lighter material with more breathability, providing protection from uncomfortable sweaty nights. If you have lived in cold weather then this issue might not make any sense to you, silk is so comfortable, right? Forget it and forget linen as well if you now live in warm weather, switch to cotton, and make your night WAY more comfortable.

 7. Use a Dehumidifier

Sweating is not always caused by warm weather, most of the time the real root cause for uncomfortable sweaty days is humidity. If you live in a particularly humid environment and don't own an air conditioning system I assure you sweating will be doubled. However, if you choose to stand by your decision to not use AC systems, then definitely try a dehumidifier. Not only for temperature's sake, but humidity is also a major cause for bug infestations and mold, dehumidifiers are your best option at combating humidity if you don't own an air conditioner and you can find them in all shapes and sizes. Here's some useful information if you want to learn a little bit more about how dehumidifiers work.
TOSOT Dehumidifier
 INTERLUDE – What NOT to do: Some people choose to create space between the windows and room, this is usually a good idea buy it can result in an unwanted greenhouse effect, where the heat is caught in this space and you end up adding natural heating for the room. Installing infills between panes is also a popular option, hoping to stop heat from dissipating inside the house sometimes these infills can generate heat. If you are thinking about this option make sure you get proper advice from a trusted professional. A safer, more accessible alternative are window films, and not to mention less expensive than reinstalling windows with infills altogether.

 8. Makeshift Cooling Systems

If you're feeling like going MacGyver then there is a more hands-on way to tackle this issue, it involves a table fan and a bowl of ice. Yes, not particularly anyone's favorite, but as good as any option for an emergency if you're trying to avoid a heat stroke. Take your favorite cereal bowl, fill it with ice, and place a fan behind it facing towards you. Congrats, you are now an engineer. Feel like leaving the ice for drinks and leaving the engineering for actual grads? Then you're probably better off using a window air conditioner.

The truth of the matter is, life exists with or without an air conditioner. But a life well lived only exists if you decide to live it so.

Go! Live it! And it would make us incredibly proud to help you achieve it! If you have any advice we missed on how to cool down your home, be sure to share your comments below or by using the hashtag #tosotfamily and following us on Instagram: @tosotdirect.

TOSOT Window Air Conditioner Review

TOSOT Window Air Conditioner

"From the get-go I noticed the box wasn't as heavy as my old 8,000 BTU which I mount and dismount every summer. It was easy to unwrap and every piece was accounted for. Easy to mount instructions tell you exactly where the insulating foam would go, and the rails, etc. I like the white panels to cover the accordion panels, it gives it a slick look. Remote control came with batteries, thank you. Once turned on, I could easily notice the difference in noise, smoother but more powerful. Remote control easy to use. Room was at desired temp in 8 min.
Overall, very satisfied." 

Ximena, TOSOT 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Customer


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