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7 Benefits of Window Air Conditioners

By: Simon Cartagena

TOSOT Window Air Conditioner

Taking care of your family is quite the opposite of a single task sort of practice. It's comprised of nutrition, education, attention and almost any other noun with direct consequences on lifestyle. Precisely one of the reasons why we own temperature control systems. Most of us don´t even fathom the idea of living without a thermostat. If summer feels a bit too warm we expect our home to have a comfortable temperature, enter air conditioning systems. You might be thinking, yes but…

Fortunately, there is an A/C system that provides solutions to those “buts”. We know them as, Window Air Conditioners. Many temperature control systems make energy consumption go through the roof, installation & maintenance become a nuisance and your house must be rebuilt after installation, however, window air conditioners are a budget-friendly accessible substitute.

The Benefits!

1. Energy Savings

Window air conditioners have been proven to consume up to 50% less energy than central temperature control systems. By using a portable unit, the amount of energy used decreases by a considerable amount, on the other hand, the money savings spike. Sound good?  To save even more, Energy Star certified window ACs are the best alternative.  

Energy Star certifified

Energy savings not only mean you are helping your budget, but it also means you are helping planet earth. Less energy consumption means less of an impact on climate change and less waste of natural resources. Most powerplants operate by burning oil and coal, which in turn result in damage to the environment. Window air conditioners are an effective alternative to help mother earth without the need of facing dehydration in the summer.

2. Simple Maintenance 

TOSOT Window Air Conditioner

Although you shouldn't be doing maintenance more than twice a year, I'm willing to bet that it's not your favorite time of year if you own a central system. Complete strangers in your house, ladders coming in and out, noise you could do without and the list could go on and on. With portable systems, maintenance is not needed very often, in fact, most times just a thorough cleaning once every so often will do. And the good news about it is that you can do it yourself, hey, if you installed it I'm positive you can clean it as well.

But it doesn't stop there, manual labor can be expensive, especially when it comes to specialized tasks. With a window air conditioner, you have the privilege of never having to set up a maintenance budget in advance. The ultimate DIY system.

3. Expert Installation

Window AC installation

Congrats, you are now an expert. There are no special courses or specialized knowledge required for installation. All you need is a drop-down window that adjusts to the size of your unit and voilá! If you need a bit more help, a short instructional YouTube video will be more than enough. Mount, install and set up your own air conditioning system in just a few quick steps.

4. Localized Cooling

Chances are you pre-set your thermostat to a certain temperature during the day, but when you're finally ready for bed it's a bit colder or warmer than you'd like it to be. Regardless of which one it is, the reason is you are the proud owner of an expensive, yet inconvenient system. Unless you have dug into your pockets to install a smart home device that allows you to localize your heating or cooling. 

Relaxed person

With window air conditioners, there is no need for this. All you need to be wary of is the size of the area you are looking to impact, decide on the specifics needed from the unit based on the size of the target space and prepare for set up.

5. Renter Friendly

If you're not anywhere near settling down, then most likely you're living out of a rental. As a fellow renter, I am highly educated on the ins and outs of this endeavor. The walls that need to be repainted to a once normal color, the curtains that desperately need to be replaced and the mold that needs to be scrubbed off the shower tiles. But let’s suppose you struck luck, you find the perfect place, the studio that will light your creativity or the 4-bedroom house with a yard perfect for the kids and dog. The only downside is the garage you'd like to use as a workshop feels like a sauna.

Renters moving out

Lightweight and portable, Window A/Cs can be set up almost anywhere inside the house. But what if your garage does not have a window? If you have access to tools and the internet, then mounting your unit to the wall should prove an easy challenge. But convenience doesn't just stop with versatile installation, as a renter, moving out will happen sooner or later and with a portable system in the trunk of your car there is no reason to arrive at a new destination without the certainty of comfortable temperature.

6. Dependable Size & Cost


You keep reading how window air conditioners are a portable low-cost solution. But the fact is that you can go as small or even as big as you want, same goes for the overall price of the unit you're buying. With portable systems you get to choose the specifications; you're not stuck with a small system that will barely cool your master bedroom or on the flip side, one that will not suffice.

7. Noise Benefits

Ever been to a hotel where the central A/C system reminds you of a circus passing through town? It probably has even happened to you at home (this is how you know it's time to call the handyman in for a repair). With window air conditioners you are looking at a serious downscaling in noise. Not just based on the size of the unit but on the fact that some can go on sleep mode, achieving the same temperature goals with quieter operation.

Window AC Sleep Mode

That said, let’s find a solution suitable for your situation, visit us at and let’s get you started on your road to a life well lived!

TOSOT Window AC Review

"This a/c unit is literally the best purchase I've made all summer! It was delivered to my door in just 2 days! It was extremely simple to install and came with a cute little card insert. It fit in my vertical window perfectly and produces literally the best air flow. I ditched my old A/C unit I got in Portland and opted for this bad boy. I definitely will be purchasing other products from TOSOT in the future!" Trisha, TOSOT 8,000 BTU Window AC Customer


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