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How to Use the ACs without Hurting the Planet

It’s almost summertime which means high temperatures are on the horizon. During these hot times, you heavily rely on your air conditioning system to keep you cool, comfortable, and healthy (for those with allergies, respiratory problems, asthma, and those generally prone to overheating). While keeping cool is a must, you may be doing so at the expense of the environment.

Air conditioners use a lot of energy. According to American Home Water, a large window unit uses roughly 1440 watts per hour while a medium-sized window unit uses 900 watts per hour, and a smaller unit uses roughly 500 watts per hour. 

So, what can you do? You don’t have to suffer in the heat all summer, there are ways to use your air conditioning while keeping the health of the planet in mind. Here are four ways:

1. Choose an energy saving unit

Pick an air conditioning unit that reduces energy. Not only will you save money on your energy bills, you will also help save our planet. 

The 9,000 BTU Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Heat Pump Air Conditioner-230V reduces energy use by 52%. This AHRI Certified unit is rated at 21 SEER (the higher the SEER, the better energy performance) compared to a standard 10 SEER units — making it a great model for all-season AC/heater combo. It also uses advanced inverter technology to adjust the running speed of the compressor; this means less energy use and lower noise levels.

The Tranquility 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner is also a good choice since it’s Energy Star Certified. It automatically enters energy saving mode. This not only helps our planet but it saves money for you. The unit uses less energy and only costs an estimated $65 a year.

2. Replace your old unit

If your air conditioning unit is more than 15 years old, it’s time for a new one. In recent years, studies have shown that older AC units containing chlorofluorocarbons(CFC) refrigerants were causing major damage to our atmosphere. 

What is CFC? It’s a type of refrigerant that contains chlorine. It is strictly regulated because it was found to be damaging to the ozone layer. The production of CFC was halted in 1995 and equipment that used it (refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers) were updated. If you’re using an older unit, plan to replace it as soon as possible and start exploring your options for newer units

3. Change/clean your air filter

It’s good practice to check your AC system’s filter once a month. Dirty filters reduce the quality of air in your home and cause your unit to work overtime to try to achieve maximum air flow — which increases your energy bill and environmental impact. 

clean filter
The Tranquility 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner takes the guesswork out of it. After running for 250 hours, the unit will notify you by turning on the filter cleaning icon to let you know it’s time to clean your filter.

4. Turn up your thermostat

When you’re running your air conditioner, turn up the thermostat in your home by five or eight degrees higher. This will help you save energy (and money).

Help save the planet by reducing energy use — but not at your own expense. Stay cool and energy efficient with these tips.

Happy Earth Day!

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