Extend Shipping Protection Plan
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Shipping Protection by Extend protects your packages if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged during shipping. 

We protect packages shipped to destinations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Not all items are eligible for coverage. 

When does my coverage start and end?

Coverage kicks in when the package has shipped from the merchant. We will receive notice that the package has shipped when the shipping carrier first scans the package. You can also typically find this date on the shipping carrier’s tracking site.

Please keep in mind that if a shipping label is created but not yet scanned by the shipping carrier, the coverage hasn’t kicked in.

Extend’s coverage ends when one of these things happens:

  • Your packages are delivered to your final destination undamaged.
  • Your package doesn’t reach its final destination, and you file a claim - and that claim is approved or denied.
  • For damaged items, your package is covered for damages incurred during the course of shipment and final delivery. You will have 60 days once delivered to file your claim. Any damages incurred after delivery are not covered.

What's not covered?

Some items aren’t covered.

Not every item is eligible for shipping protection. Below are items that cannot be covered by Shipping Protection by Extend:

  • Items with no cash value, like free samples or other items included with your shipment at no cost.
  • Items for which shipping labels are printed but never scanned by the carrier. They aren’t covered because they never shipped. In this situation, you should contact the merchant for a refund.
  • Digitally delivered items like subscriptions, cloud storage, digital photographs, eBooks, audio files, software programs, e-gift cards and extended warranties.
  • Items shipped outside the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • Extend cannot insure packages for more than $15,000 US dollars.

Order issues that can’t be approved. 

Please contact the merchant for these order issues:

  • Items that are back ordered. 
  • Items sent in error by the merchant, like the wrong size, colour or wrong item.
  • Items missing from the order when the package shows no exterior damage or tampered seal. 
  • Items with mechanical or electrical defects. 

Shipment issues that can’t be approved.

Sometimes packages may not be in transit or delivered, or they may be returned to the sender for various reasons. In these cases, the package is still insured. However, the claim may not be approved for the following reasons:

  • If you provide the wrong shipping address on the online order. Contact the merchant to see if the address can be corrected and rerouted. 
  • The recipient refused to sign for the package or refused the delivery.
  • Packages that are not delivered after multiple attempts by the shipping carrier. 
  • Packages that are held or redirected at the request of the recipient.
  • We also don’t cover claims if they are fraudulent.

Can I cancel my shipping protection?

If your order hasn’t shipped yet, please contact TOSOT via support@tosotdirect.com to adjust the order. If the order has already shipped, shipping protection coverage is in effect, and Extend can’t provide a refund.

Extend cannot cancel the protection once purchased except in cases of fraud, material misrepresentation or non-payment by you. Extend may also be required to cancel the protection plan by a regulatory authority.

If shipping protection was inadvertently attached to items that cannot be covered, please contact TOSOT to cancel your plan and refund the shipping protection fees. If you file a claim for that item before the plan is cancelled, Extend will refund the shipping protection fees less the cost of the claims settled.

If shipping protection was automatically included in your order by the merchant, you might not cancel your plan.