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Why dehumidifiers make music sound better

Basement dehumidifier

This is not an amplifier: it's a dehumidifier!

If you think about it, dehumidifiers with nice designs can blend easily with music equipment in a recording studio. Some designs can even look like amplifiers, which doesn't mean they're loud. Actually, nowadays you can find some quiet dehumidifiers. And some definitely have a great style. Don't you think?

The truth is that they’re not only there to decorate, but they’ll also make music sound better. Why? It’s simple: because they take care of your music equipment and instruments.  

 Take care of your music equipment and it’ll make your music sound much better.

Damages to your music equipment

Do you own a recording studio, a pair of speakers, or perhaps a guitar? If you spent a great part of your savings on them, there’s a high chance that you’re taking really good care of them. Despite all your efforts, they can start getting damaged for no apparent reason. One day, they just don't make nice music anymore or suddenly stop working. Most of the times you’re not the one to blame. The guilty intruder may be indoor relative humidity.

What’s that? Relative humidity is “the amount of water vapor (vapor pressure) that is in the air.” Levels in your indoor spaces should be around 30%-55%. If they’re out of this range (on the low end or high end), there can be negative consequences to your health, your home, and... you guessed it: your music equipment and instruments can be at risk too.

Guitars inside a room Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

 How do you measure indoor relative humidity?

You can measure indoor relative humidity with a hygrometer. Like a thermometer measures temperature, a hygrometer measures relative humidity. We usually recommend the digital versions. They’re more precise than the analog ones.

Humidity affects music equipment and instruments

Your music equipment and guitars can use some help in getting rid of high humidity. It can really affect them in a negative way.

Let’s see what can happen:

1. Music Equipment and HumidityAmplifier Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels

We interviewed Matthias Krieger, music producer, recording & mixing engineer, and owner of Pocket Audio.  He hadn’t noticed that there was so much humidity in his studio and that he had to do something about it until his wallet was seriously affected.
He told us about this experience: “I had a pre-amplifier (what you connect to the microphone) totally damaged due to moisture. And as for the rest of the equipment, I had to do some maintenance and pour a special liquid on them. Audio equipment suffers a lot with humidity. There was a time when it was really, really bad. We had just remodeled the studio. .”
Maybe you don’t own a recording studio like Matthias, but you may own some speakers. Although nowadays they’re more resistant to moisture, too much exposure can create corrosion and harm some of the parts.  

2. Guitars and Humidity 

Acoustic guitar Photo by Rebecca Swafford on Pexels

According to Martin experts, when it comes to guitars they must be kept in spaces with relative humidity levels between 45% and 55%. They can suffer cracks if there’s low humidity (like it happens with our skin). On the other hand, when humidity is high this can happen:
  • They can expand and get heavy because they’re made of wood that can absorb and retain lots of water (similar to how we retain water when we drink it in excess).
  • As mentioned by Martin experts the bridge of the guitar can come off or the guitar can open up because the glue can get damaged with moisture and high temperatures. 
  • Dampness can lead to mold growth.

Own a guitar? This is what Bob Taylor, co-founder, and president of Taylor guitars, has to say: At one time, probably 70 percent of the repairs performed in our service center could have been avoided if the guitar had not been exposed to humidity extremes.”  

How to decrease humidity levels in your space

There are various ways to decrease humidity levels in your space. The best way to do it is to use a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers suck up the moisture in the air and make it easier and more comfortable to breathe. They also help prevent corrosion, as well as mold. They’ll sure help your music equipment and instruments.

We told you about Matthias and his music studio. Do you remember that his equipment was harmed by moisture? He used a dehumidifier and it was very helpful. He mentioned that nowadays he can’t live without one in his recording studio, because there’s always dampness as it is located on a first floor. 

Rock it with a dehumidifier!

TOSOT dehumidifier

We all love music and the better the sound, the happier we are. Ready to make your music sound better? Rock it with a dehumidifier. It's fun to be around this rock-star.

And... Let's continue improving our quality of life, because a life well-lived is what it’s all about.


"Works perfect. I was dumping water for 3 days. Took the moist smell out of the house in 48 hours. Super quiet." Gene

"Excellent unit. Packaged well,clear instructions,super easy to use,quiet. It has performed flawlessly. I am going to purchase another." Anthony and Claire M.

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Use information at your own risk:  The information presented is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical or home improvement advice. The information and suggestions should be discussed with a professional.  You are responsible for independently verifying the information if you intend to rely upon or use it in any way. You use all information at your own risk. 


That’s great to hear Billy! This means so much to us.

TOSOT Direct Family

It’s true. My teaching studio is in my basement, AND I’m on the coast of Maine. Rust would form on the chrome plating on my drums just from the air. My record sleeves would feel damp. My Tosot has helped so much!

Billy Rhythm

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