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TOSOT Air Purifier

Our home has been in need of a good deep cleaning lately, so we decided to look for some help. We were determined to find all the tiny particles that we couldn’t see but weren’t allowing us to breathe as easily as we used to.

You see, some invaders have been flying in the air: pet dander, hair, dust, pollen, mold spores, smoke, bacteria, and viruses… And they’ve been affecting everyone in the family; especially those with allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Allergy season

Tom, who is 40 years old, is allergic to pollen and pet dander. He sneezes at least 20 times every single day and needs a daily dose of antihistamines to breathe normally. Every morning his street is covered in yellow pollen. Also, he can’t really avoid pet hairs because his children’s babysitter owns a kitten and sometimes brings a couple of cat hairs along with her. To make matters worse, stray cats show up in his backyard frequently. He really suffers. It sounds like a movie, but this is real life for Tom.

The good news is we added a new member to the TOSOT Direct Family to help him out!

Our new air purifier is here to help

We tasked our air purifier with one simple mission: to protect all the members of the TOSOT Direct Family from airborne invaders that make it harder to breathe.

It uses a medical degree filter to remove 99.97% of the particles in the air.

Check it out:

TOSOT Air Purifier

Is this a Certified Air Purifier?

The KJ350G has received certifications from ETL, AHAM, and CARB to ensure that this purifier meets or exceeds standards for efficiency, performance, and quality.

How does the TOSOT Air Purifier Work?

TOSOT’s All-New Air Purifier can help you get clean and fresh air at home, by following 3 simple steps:


The KJ350G Air Purifier can detect the level of airborne “invaders” in your home. In other words, it will detect indoor air quality levels in real-time. And adjust the fan speed slower or faster depending on the quality level.

Air quality indicator


It can trap more particles than many of the air purifiers available in the market. Why? Because it counts with an H13 HEPA Medical Grade Filter.

H13 Hepa Medical Grade Filter


Pre-Filter: Traps large particles, hairs, dander, dust.

Carbon Filter: Some of these “invaders” leave bad smells behind. The activated carbon within the air purifier’s filter helps remove these unwanted odors and VOCs from the air.

Filter: The H13 True HEPA Medical Grade Filter removes up to 99.97% of airborne particles 0.1 microns or larger. This is tiny, about 1000 times smaller than an average human hair.


It completely refreshes the air in the room 4.8 times per hour (in rooms up to 310 sq ft.)
Air purifier

Now, we’re all getting a breath of clean and fresh air! And you and Tom will be able to breathe well.

Learn more about our Air Purifier here


Can’t wait until this product is available 👍👍


How do you clean the filter? Or, do you have to change it? If so, would that be daily or more?

Leeley MYers

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