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How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer
Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner, which means it is time to dust off your air conditioner for use this summer. 

I know you don’t really WANT to tune up your air conditioner right now:

  • The grass is finally just starting to turn green 
  • Birds are chirping in the morning
  • It’s barely warm enough to open your windows at home

But no matter what you want to do right now, in two months you will be thanking your past self for taking a little bit of time to get your air conditioner ready for summer. 

Why Do You Need To Prepare Your Ac For The Summer?

While you were huddled inside under the covers all winter, your air conditioner was hibernating in a dark corner of your basement or garage. Unless you wrapped it in an airtight seal (hmm, that’s actually a good idea!) there was probably some dust that accumulated inside your unit.

Even if it didn’t accumulate inside, dirt and dust almost certainly accumulated on the outside of your unit! 

A clean air conditioner not only looks better, it will also perform better too. Better AC performance will allow your AC to cool the room quicker once the oppressive summer heat starts to become a norm. 

Not only that, a clean air conditioner will also work more efficiently, allowing you to save a few dollars on your utility bill.

Better cooling, money saving, what more could you want?!

Let’s get started.

Getting Your AC Ready for Summer

For any type of air conditioner, the following three steps should be taken before you start your unit up for the summer.

Step 1: Wipe Off The Body

Get a soft towel and soak it in warm water. Add some mild detergent if needed. Use this to wipe off all the exterior surface of your air conditioner. 

Step 2: Clean Filter

If your unit has a filter, remove it. Soak it in a tub of warm, soapy water and scrub out with a soft bristled brush if needed. Allow the filter to air dry completely before reinserting into your unit. 

Step 3: Clean Out Dust

While you are waiting for the filter to dry, it can be helpful to blow some air through your unit. If you have access to an air compressor you can use that, otherwise a can of compressed sprait air will do the trick. Blow out all of the air intake fins and the exhaust vents of your air conditioner.

Unit-Specific Guides 

Some air conditioners have a few extra or different steps to prepare for the summer. Keep reading below for the specific steps to get your portable, window, or mini-split air conditioner ready for summer. 

Portable Air Conditioner

For portable air conditioners, you will also want to clean out the hot air exhaust hose to remove any dust or debris, and to check for mold. You can clean the exhaust hose with warm, soapy water. You may also want to wipe off your window bracket before installing into your window. 

Window Air Conditioner

For window air conditioners, you may also want to clean the two accordion panels on each side of the unit. It is also a good idea to clean the window where you will be installing the unit. 

If you use foam to insulate any extra cracks around your unit, you might want to check to see if it is dry or crumbling and replace the foam strips as needed. 

Mini-Split Air Conditioner 

Mini-split air conditioners require a little more upkeep than their portable or window-based cousins. You should also clean off the outside condenser coils and remove any debris that has accumulated around the base of the outdoor condenser unit. You may also want to periodically check the condenser lines to make sure that they are not frosting over during use. 


What are you still reading for? It’s time to go get out there and clean your air conditioner! 

But, if you do have any questions, please reach out to us at or call the number on the bottom of our website during our operating hours and a member of our support team will be glad to assist you. 

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