Powerful Cooling In A Smaller Size: The Aovia Portable AC

April showers bring May Flowers! But with all the flowers blooming in May, what comes in June?

For most of the United States, June is the beginning of summer and the time when rising temperatures force you to turn on your air conditioning. 

To help fight the rising temperatures we added a new member to our family of air conditioners: the Aovia series.

Here are 5 reasons why the TOSOT Aovia is the perfect little portable air conditioner for you and your family. 

1. Small Size, Powerful Cooling 

    The Aovia can provide 8,000 BTUs (5,000 BTU 2017 DOE Standard) of cool air in spaces up to 250 square feet. The Aovia is lighter and takes up less space than most other units on the market, making it ideal for moving from room to room where you need cool air the most. 

    As our smallest unit, the Aovia is also the least expensive portable air conditioner option we will have available. This makes the Aovia ideal for budget-conscious shoppers. The smaller size makes it perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, and small home offices.

    2. Move It Anywhere

    Due to the small size and lighter weight than most other portable ACs, you can use the grooved handles to wheel the Aovia to any room of the house that you need to cool down fast. The four caster wheels at the bottom rotate 360 degrees so you can roll the Aovia wherever you need without picking it up and carrying it around.

    3. Simple Set-Up 

    Installing the window panel can be a little tricky, so we upgrade the Aovia’s window panel with a simple quick-adjust nut that allows you to adjust the window panel to prevent any hot air from leaking from the outdoors. All you need to do from there is attach the exhaust hose to the window panel and rear of the unit so you can start cooling down your room.

     4.Simplified Controls 

    The easy-to-use control panel allows you to adjust the operating mode, fan speed, and temperature with the simple press of a button.

    The included remote control allows you to change these settings up to 20 feet away from the AC unit. The remote control also utilizes TOSOT’s “I Feel” technology, which uses a sensor on the remote control to control the cooling temperature of the air conditioner. 

    This allows you to feel more comfortable when you are across the room for the unit because it will produce cool air based on the temp near the remote, not the ambient temperature around the air conditioner itself.

    5. Sleep Mode 

    Getting high-quality sleep is the cornerstone to living a healthy life. 

    To prevent you from getting too cold during the night, the Aovia has a sleep mode which will automatically increase the temperature by 2°F for the first hour and an additional 2°F for the second hour (total 4°F increase) and then will keep running at this temperature. This helps lower energy usage while creating a more comfortable environment for your sleep.

    The sleep mode will also run the air conditioner at a lower fan speed. The lower noise level will allow you to get a deep, restful night of sleep.



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