Indoor Insulated Window Air Conditioner Cover

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  • Durable and Premium Material: The cotton inner lining and non-woven outer lining reduce cold air leaking into your home while preventing dust and water from entering your window air conditioner. This cover is machine washable and easy to clean.
  • Fits Various Sizes: The elastic bag mouth design is best for the indoor part of air conditioners in sizes up to 20” L x 2.4” W x 15” H. Before purchase, please check your air conditioner dimensions to ensure a tighter fit.
  • Adjustable Drawstrings: The two drawstrings can be adjusted for a tight, secure fit around your window AC to ensure the cover can insulate your unit if it is a different size than your actual unit.
  • Dual Cord Holes: There's one hole on each side of the cover for electric cords to pass through so it can be used on any window AC unit, and no need to worry about the cords. The velcro seals around the holes prevent cold air from entering your home, saving the heating cost during winter and preventing dust from entering the unit.
  • Easy to Install: Simply slip the cover over the indoor part of your unit, tighten the two drawstrings, and seal the Velcro on the bottom of the cover. Easy as that!