Water Leak Detectors, Pack of 2
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  • Ultra-Sensitive Leak & Drip Alerts: There are 4 detection probes on the bottom of the detector and 2 parallel lines front probes which can immediately alarm when they detect water leak or drip.
  • 4-Level Adjustable Alarm: Choose from 3 levels of volume (or mute) so you never miss a leak. The loudest volume is 120dB, which is about as loud as standing next to a chainsaw sawing through a log.
  • Easy to Use: No installation required, just put in the battery and place it anywhere water leaks may occur, such as sinks, washing machines, bathrooms, dishwashers, and anywhere else you want to monitor.
  • IP66 Waterproof: The water leak detector has an IP66 waterproof shell for long-term use in high-humidity areas. The water leak detector also has a 6-month battery life and low battery alert so you can replace the battery without missing any water leaks.
  • Low Battery Alert: The detector will beep three times and send a low power signal to the gateway, gateway alarm.